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    Women and the cable company! WTF!

    Got a call from the wifey today. She said that we have a problem. Seems that our TV stopped working. We just get a msg that says something along the lines of our system does not support HDMI and we have to use component cables. Funny, we've been using HDMI cables for over 2 years now. Wifey asks me what to do. I told her to just swap cables with the HDMI player that is using component cables already. She says no, she doesn't want to touch anything. So I told her that there wasn't much I could do until I get home. After a few minutes I try to contact the cable company to see if they can tell me what's going on. But the number on their website doesn't work. I call home to see if wifey can give me a number from the last invoice. Here is how the call went.

    Me: Honey, the phone number that the cable company has on their website doesn't work.
    Her: Do you think they went out of business?
    Me: Huh? Uh, no. Can you check our last invoice to let me know what phone number is listed there?
    Her: No, I'll get it.
    (short wait)
    Her: Here is the number.
    Me: Thanks, I'll call them.
    Her: It's on.
    Me: What's on? The TV?
    Her: No, it's working.
    Me: What's working?
    Her: The TV.
    Me: The big one?
    Her: No, the one in the bedroom.
    Me: The big one in the bedroom?
    Her: No, the big one.
    Me: Does the one in the living room work?
    Her: No, it's on.
    Me: The big one?
    Yes: The small one.
    Me: Does the big TV in the living room work?
    Her: No, it's on.
    Me: It's on?
    Her: Yes.
    Me: So it's working?
    Her: Yes.
    Me: So everything is ok?
    Her: Yes.


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    Mwa ha ha ha....

    Women can:

    Give birth
    Pilot Aircraft
    Pilot Space Shuttles
    Become Doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs..
    Women can do damn near everything a man can do until..

    You put them in a room with electronic equipment...

    You'd think that the presence of a remote control wipes all knowledge from their brain cells instantaneously...

    It is a wonder to behold.

    Da Worfster

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    Who's on first?

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    ranytan (or whatever you're calling yourself this month),why do your posts include links to chinaassistor? You seem to be the #1 shill.

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    Funny thing, my Lady: She calls calls the RC a pen**.

    I didn't give it much

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