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    Angry Why is the USPS so frickin slow??!!

    Why does it take the USPS so long to to get a package from point A to point B?I can send a letter to my son in Montana from here in Upstate NY and it takes no more than 3 days to get to him, but send a small package from NY to Florida and it takes almost 2 weeks i just don't get it?I won a small item on ebay and the seller was quick to send it out to me.He sent me a tracking number which was nice of him,according to the USPS website this package has been enroute for 1 1/2 weeks now,i could have drove to FL and picked it up quicker! I just don't understand why a letter can go cross country in 3 days but a package takes 2 weeks just to go a few states away.

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    It is because it's run by the government.

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    It is because it's run by the government.
    Kinda says it all doesnt it, be glad you dont need FEMA, that would take 2 whole weeks.
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    i just got a DVD i ordered from best buy (remember the $10 superbit deal from A MONTH AGO?).... well 4 weeks later i finally get it. it had tracking and USPS had it like 2 days after i ordered it.

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