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    Sony is selling classes on how to understand HD

    Are people really signing up for these? Don't they know that they could just come here for all the answers for free? (I think I removed all numbers and links. If not, please let me know ASAP and I'll edit)

    Sign up NOW for Sony's HDTV classes and receive 50% off the regular price!

    High Definition broadcasting is here! All Analog over the air broadcast will end February 17, 2009, yielding way to the new Digital broadcast standard.

    Sony Training Institute has designed two classes to educate the public about all things HD. Take the fear out of the HDTV transition and join us for these interactive HDTV courses: HDTV 101 and HDTV 102 - and receive 50% off the regular price for each!

    HDTV 101 provides the basics for understanding Digital and HD television. At the completion of this class, you will have a thorough knowledge of the history and progression of broadcast to HD. You will be part of interactive classroom discussions and demonstrations focusing on the latest broadcast equipment and HD techniques. This class is intended to move your knowledge of HD to a conversational level and make you more productive in performing daily task and functions.

    Regular Price: $800; Discounted Price: $400*
    Teaneck, NJ - 1/26/09-1/27/09
    San Jose, CA - 2/2/09-2/3/09 HDTV 102 will hone your basic HD knowledge into advanced theory and industry standards laid down by SMPTE and ASTC. This course is perfect for those who have worked in the broadcast/production business as a salesperson, engineer, producer/director or operator. Now is the time to ask the questions and clarify the issues you longed to but could not. Prerequisite: HDTV 101 or equivalent knowledge is preferred but not required.

    Regular Price: $1,100; Discounted Price: $550*
    Teaneck, NJ - 1/28/09-1/30/09
    San Jose, CA - 2/4/09-2/6/09

    Choose the course that's right for you or sign up for both, and be ready for the Analog to Digital TV transition.
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    Is this for real? Geez our satellite guy set everything up for us. All I had to do was learn how to use the converter. And I didn't have to spend $400 to do it. Granted, I didn't learn the history of certainly hasn't impaired my ability to watch it.

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