First off let me just say that I am not tied to my phone neither is my life, but I just used my free upgrade from my older Samsung Jack to the Samsung Focus. And I could not be more please,surprised and awe struck, this thing is about as fast as my computer and organizes things better. I kept with the windows type phone because I do need the MS Office programs that allow me to view/create and make corrections if needed. The Jack was good at this and being able to use it like a storage drive made loading up files easy. That is one of the drawbacks of the Focus, not being able to plug it in to a computer and upload files. It relies on getting (documents)files via skydrive or e-mail. The Zune sync program is smooth and would work better if I kept all my music on a local drive instead of the server in the garage (wireless network).

One of the most impressive things this thing did was combine all of my contacts from FB/MS Live/Hotmail/my verizon mail and put them all together. I had to do some minor house keeping, due to odd naming on e-mail accounts but this thing link them up and place Cell phone numbers with E-mail address along with FB status and Live ID under one name for each contact.

Storage: it comes with 8gig built in, I use an extra 16gig SDHC card that is used as one large memory for a combine 24gig. The down side is that once you use a SD card in this phone, that SD card is dead to all other devices.

Explore is quick and very flexible, you can set it for mobile pages or normal pc pages and it handles both with ease.

Bluetooth: easy setup and plays music very clear, I used on the Pioneer VSX 520, my cheap Dual HD7714 HU in my ride and my wife's Pioneer DEH P7100BT in her car and the sound was clean, and full sounding.

Ringtones: Another drawback as this phone currently will not let you add ringtones.

All in all this is a very good option to the iphone and for a free upgrade from my slower and at times system lock Jack (needed remove battery re-boot) the speed and combining info out weight the drawbacks, which for me the only one that matter was not being able to plug in and download files. I guess I will have a little learning curve to climb to get at my doc's.