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Thread: Nail care tips

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    Nail care tips

    Well-groomed nails are one of the best decorations of our hands. Even if you do not have time to visit the salon, at least once a week nails should be given due attention. Especially if you like an active holiday away from the city. Get rid of the land and return the nails well-groomed look can be easily.

    Before you start the manicure, thoroughly wash your hands with soap, removing the leftover varnish air conditioner with vitamins.
    After removing the varnish nails shortened, and they are given the right shape. If you have a wide palm, the best will look nails of medium length and square shape. The best option for all types of brush - oval nails. Cutting off nails, be sure to smooth the sharp scratching edges with a special saw. Move it easily, without pressure, only in the direction of the middle, trying not to grind the smooth surface of the nail. Saw nails should be in one direction - then they will not split.

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    Beautiful and well-groomed hands attract the attention of others. The design of the nails is now diverse. And a manicure can be an image decoration. I like short coffin nails .
    This manicure looks amazing on any form of hands and comfortable when I play the piano

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    Nails are an indicator of the well-groomed person. While studying at the university, I constantly spent a lot of time on nail care. In order to have more time, I used the service
    Highly recommend!

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