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    More fun with our Sales department.

    I received an email from one of our Sales Reps. She asks, "I put in a sales order for part number so-n-so. I don't see any purchase orders on the system for it. Why didn't your department order this item yet? The customer needs to know when this is coming in."
    So I check the system. Sure enough, she's right. There is no purchase order on the system. But there is also no sales order on the system. There is however a record of one being sold recently. I check the history to see that it was to her customer.
    I email her back with, "Do you mean the one that came in yesterday and you shipped out?"
    Her reply was, "Yes. Do you know when we will be getting that in?"
    Should I tell her never? No no, she'd call the customer and he'd cancel for sure.
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    I'd say something sexist but it wouldn't make a very good impression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich-n-Texas
    I'd say something sexist but it wouldn't make a very good impression.
    And it's just recently you've developed a concern for such matters...hhmmmm...

    I'm just sayin'.
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