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Thread: LOL @ Typo

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    LOL @ Typo

    So i was checking out the hot deals tab on here, and found inthe wild west section this


    Sale $648.95


    Wild West Electronics

    COOL! Its on sale for $100 more than normal

    sorry i was bored today

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    That is a good sale. I think I'll buy a couple for Christmas gifts.

    I was in the supermarket a couple of months ago and they had peanut butter on sale for $4.49 from the regular price of $4.49. I wondered how many people fell for that and stocked up.

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?
    there's a hot dog place in our town that sold their killer hot-dog chili for $4.50/pint or $10/quart. When I told them about it they said that they knew what it said. When they closed that place and reopened in a new location, that sign was gone.

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