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    How to solve the problem of loneliness?

    Loneliness is, first of all, a psychological problem that affects both internal and, after the fact, external well-being. Loneliness is a subjective experience. It is not as real as the fear itself is real - the feeling of this feeling.

    In ancient times, it was more difficult for a lonely person to survive, so expulsion from the "pack" was worse than the death penalty.

    In the modern world, in addition to loneliness, as removal from society, psychological loneliness has also been added - psychological alienation, therefore isolation from society is not loneliness, but only a factor contributing to its appearance.

    1. Loneliness - causes an acute feeling of pain - a split between real relationships with the world and the inner world.

    2. It is perceived as an unwanted disease and encourages a person to "rush" the search for means to eliminate this feeling, which spends the energy and strength needed to more rationally solve this problem.

    3. Causes affective, inhibitory and unjustified experiences:

    - despair (panic, vulnerability, helplessness, isolation, self-pity),

    - boredom (impatience, desire to change everything, stiffness, irritability),

    - self-abasement (feeling of one's own unattractiveness, stupidity, worthlessness, shyness).

    How to get rid of loneliness:
    1. Change passive solitude to active: writing something, somehow, somewhere - helps to better understand yourself and see everything that happens from a different angle. Reorients the desire to escape, to retire, to the desire to act.

    Do what you have long wanted to do.

    Take yourself to the movies, the store, the sports ground... anywhere. This does not necessarily require a company.

    2. You should not immediately try to escape from loneliness, but you should think and outline a plan to overcome loneliness. Clearly, step by step to implement it, ticking off each step taken. You can even reward yourself with a tasty treat or a nice new purchase.

    3. Remember and write a list of your good qualities, adding to each quality what it can give to overcome loneliness. (Don't ignore - great practice)

    4. Remember and write down those good relationships with other people that you have at the moment. No matter how close they are, their very presence is important, as an indicator that you can get along well with others.

    5. Remember those activities that you liked, what you always managed to do and try to renew interest in them.

    6. Find the benefit of being alone, something for which you can thank him for what he taught you. For the fact that now you understand what new personal qualities you want to acquire. For knowing what you will now strive for in terms of self-development.

    7. Understand and accept that most people experience loneliness at one time or another in their lives. Many come out of this state - why are you worse? Loneliness is not eternal if you take concrete steps - move away from it.

    8. Become more friendly to people and the world. Refocus your attention not on the negative phenomena of life, but on the search for the good that is in it. Look for ways to connect with people. It is better to start with communication of interests - this enhances mutual understanding and gives self-confidence.

    9. Give others what you would like to have yourself: attention, goodwill, friendliness, love ...

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