Connecting with the Remote Assistance can be quite plain and at the same time puzzling. Users mostly find difficulty in getting through or finding the accurate way to get help. Well, you may just reach remote assistant and get the support you need.
Here are the ways to reach out-

  • Users may log in to remote assistant.
  • Download the remote assistance and install it in your computer device that is attached to your HP Printer.
  • Go to System Settings of the Device and check the box, ALLOW REMOTE ASSISTANCE CONNECTIONS TO THIS COMPUTER.
  • Then go back to the remote assistant. Enter the 6 digit code provided to you by the agent.
  • Moving forward, enter the model of your printer.
  • A prompt will appear to download and install the software to provide access to the HP Remote Assistance team.
  • The agent will then be able to access the computer device and identify the matter in concern. They will directly help in troubleshooting or resolving the matter.

Hence, after providing the access to the remote assistant, you may stay worry-free. The agent handling your problems will themselves resolve the matter. It is the easiest way to resolve any problems with your HP Printer.