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    Home remedies pests control
    I finds these tips that don't use toxic chemical interesting as everybody in their lives had to deal with problem pests such as roaches and mouse.

    From NBC web site:

    DIY repellent for ants: Save your coffee grounds! Coffee grounds are a natural ant repellent. If you spread coffee grounds around your windows and doors the ants will not come near them.

    DIY fruit fly remedy:Fill a glass container with 1-2 inches of apple cider vinegar. Tightly wrap the top of the bottle neck with plastic wrap and poke holes. Fruit flies will drown themselves in the apple cider vinegar after being lured in by the sweet scent.

    All-natural house fly repellent: To get rid of flies combine cloves, eucalyptus and clover blossoms in a sachet and hang it from your ceiling, recommends Annie Bond, author of Better Basics for the Home, and Gretchen Paluch, director of basic research at EcoSMART.

    Natural rat repellent:To repel rodents in your home, add one tablespoon of peppermint castile soap with half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and eight cups of water, and then spray the mixture along your baseboards.

    Homemade roach repellent: Spice 'em up! To get rid of roaches, simply place 2 tablespoons of very hot sauce in 1 quart of water then mix well and spray the areas where a problem exists. You will never see a roach again!

    11 tips on DIY home pest control - MSN Living
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