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    Happy Thanksgiving...

    ...for those of you celebrating today. Speaking for myself, between must attend family/social functions and a general increase in useless drama and bs, I can get pretty chippy pretty quickly this time of year. I love this holiday because I take it absolutely at face value. I'm just sayin' I don't get into historical revisionism, whether the pilgrims did this or that, what person was wronged several hundred years ago, who actually said what and what where his motivations...I always like to take a brief moment and remind myself how grateful I am for the many advantages I enjoy. Could life be better? Sure, but I'm a half-full-cup kinda guy. I mean I could be in Sudan or Albania.
    Thanks to the AR crew for a good year of learning and conversation and the cast of characters to laugh at/with. Everybody enjoy your holiday!

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    You beat me to it. I logged on to start a thread like this.


    What time do the games start?
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    A very Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    Getting together with my friends. We got 4 Fillet Mignon, 8 beer soaked Brauts, 16 GIANT shrimps, and some veggies.

    I imaging some of you folks will be watching games or movies in the HT setups. CRANK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gotta Go,


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