Now that we are done with all the political trashing commercials, we can get back to enjoying the rest of the bad commercials. Some of them are pretty funny. For me, right now the three funniest commercials are

1- The Gieco commercial with the pig that went Wee Wee all the way home. This is funny because it was from a popular dity I remeber from childhood and you could never actually picture it in reality. Also funny when they arrive at his house and the voice changes.

2- The eTrade commercial where the baby is in the crib complaining about being punished for riding the dog and then the mother takes his notebook away and he whips out his smartphone.

3- The eTrade commercial where the two babies are talking and the one hits the History button and it takes them to a National Geographic site of animals doing it and the one asks the other to forward the link.

What are your favorite funny commercials?