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    Essay writing principles?

    An essay is a philosophical genre aimed at reflection, argumentation and analysis. The classical structure consists of three parts (introduction, conclusion and main body). The number of pages has no clear limit, but it is a small work, averaging 1525 pages.

    Below are 15 principles to help beginners master this literary form:

    It is necessary to distinguish an essay from an abstract and a term paper. This is a creative work that requires a person to express their opinion on a chosen issue.
    The essay should have a clear structure, be sure to set out the arguments and give an analysis.
    It is necessary to focus on something specific, and through this focus look at everything else. For example, in some story or poem, to analyze the image of death, and not the whole work.
    If it is possible to choose a topic, it is recommended that you choose not the simplest one, but the most interesting one. Then writing will not turn into a routine, but will become a study in pleasure. Topics like these always produce good results.
    Having decided on the topic, you will have to start searching for materials. It is important here not to be limited to 1-2 sources, but to thoroughly study the issue. Then you need to select the most important.
    When working on the Internet, you should save links to the source. Supplementing the collected information with information from paper carriers, it is necessary to record the name of the author and the title of the book, magazine or brochure. For such purposes, it is worth taking a separate folder or text file. This will make it easier to compile a list of references used.
    Starting to write, you should correctly compose the content of the future work. The classical structure consists of an introduction, main body and conclusion.
    The main part, when compiling the content, is divided into several branches for reasoning. 2-3 sections is enough. You can add specifics if necessary. Then the sections are divided into subsections.
    The introduction should be short. You are given information about the relevance of the chosen topic, the tasks that the author set when writing.
    Getting to the main part, you should use all the selected materials.
    It is necessary to strictly adhere to the logical and chronological (especially in historical disciplines) sequence.
    Footnotes are necessarily put down, which makes it easier to compile a list of references with which the work should end.
    The given opinions and quotes of famous people will show the student's ability to work with sources. You can use the usual introductory constructions. But do not get carried away with templates.
    To express an opinion, it is necessary, after analyzing the collected material, to form your point of view. That is, agree or disagree with the views of experts.
    Be sure to conclude all of the above at the end of the main part, taking personal opinion as a basis and arguing it.
    The final part summarizes the entire essay, based on the data and their analysis.

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    Essay is one of the genres, which is distinguished by its small volume and free structure. Its purpose is to show individual experiences, attitudes towards the world in general and the stated problem in particular. Use the admission essay writing service for best results

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    When writing an essay, it is important to consider the following points: Introduction and conclusion should focus on the problem (in the introduction it is put, in the conclusion - the author's opinion is summarized). Here you will learn how to write mit essay correctly. It is necessary to highlight paragraphs, red lines, establish a logical connection between paragraphs: this is how the integrity of the work is achieved.

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