• 06-21-2020, 07:04 PM
    Do you believe in love at first sight?
    Hi! Tell me do you believe in love at first sight? It seems to me that such a feeling is possible only at a young age, because in adulthood, a person is somewhat different and more serious about choosing a partner for life. Waiting for your opinions about love...
  • 06-21-2020, 08:20 PM
    Yes, I believe in love at first sight, but it can be a deceptive feeling. Psychological behavior of a person can repel and at a young age, love at first sight is very unsuccessful. I suggest you read the blog https://www.cupid.com/dating-blog/da...ct-your-crush/ and you can learn some principles that will help you find a good partner faster.
  • 09-08-2021, 04:15 AM
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  • 09-08-2021, 04:21 AM
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  • 04-01-2022, 02:03 PM
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