After receiving PMs from several members of this site, I have deleted all but the original "Just wondering..." thread. I don't care if you think I'm not being impartial and I don't care if you think that this is heavy handed. When things escalate to a point where several members are actually sending me messages and asking me to step in, I do what I think needs to be done in the best interest of this site.

A similar thread was started on another site that I frequent and was shut down by the Mods long before it got ugly...just because the mods started seeing it heading in that direction. So be happy that you guys got to argue and berate each other for a lot longer than you should have.

Now as music soothes the savage beast, go to your rooms, listen to your favourite song on your kickass audio system and come back when you're ready to discuss audio...or at least be civil to each other.

Any other threads on this topic will be deleted. If you wish to continue your discussions take it to Facebook or Twitter, that's what those sites exist for.