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    Barry Bonds already training full throttle: Babe Ruth is Deader Than DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From what I have read, Bonds is already 100% srength and training with weights, and has lost some fat. Hiwever he has some serious body strength and lacks fat in body fat tests. He is supposedly arounbd 8% body fat already and weighs around 240lbs. He's been riding a stationary bike for cardiko and pressing around 350 pounds with 4 hour/day weight training sessions.

    Seems like somebody is gonna be in SHAPE!!!!! Babe Ruth is DEADER than he was last year!!!!! The fat hod dog eating Number 3 from NY is about to be #3 all time in home runs.

    Hey, pour me another pitcher and give me some EXTRA mustard for all 4 hot dogs...... of course, in commemoration of a FAT drunken "also ran" in the home run history books.

    The DADDY has had his say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Put your analyst on danger money. Someone needs help.
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    Like I said, BOY, the 1920s should have an ASTERISK.......and the records and stats from the 1920s, 1930s, for starters, should have an ASTERISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Old, OLD numbers are what is tainted about sports, and Babe Ruth is most tainted!!!!

    Gimmme a hot dog and I'll play against those who are the most popular in society, the chosen ones!!!!!!!

    I shall not bat against those who are NOT allowed to play baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are not allowed to play the game of my people, although they live here. It is NOT their right to play the game in which I shall be known for decades as the greatest.

    What gives "them" the right to take that from me?????????? We are, afterall, in the 1920s and I must be declared the best in sport, and as a people, in the USA!!!!!

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