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    Anyone here caught the poker bug?

    I have always been a fan of poker, and until recently have never played texas hold 'em. It seems everyone and their sister is an expert now (or so they think) and owns a steel chipset poker case. I think its getting out of hand. Since noone enjoys playing other poker games, besides hold 'em i have began playing and i rather enjoy it (hold 'em that is). Many people think its just another gambling game of luck and don't realize the ammount of skill involved, so they're easy money, but more and more people are becomming skilled players. Has anyone else caught the poker bug, or noticed how it is taking over the world like the bubonic plague?

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    I've been playing poker (including Texas Holdem) for years now. And I actually like that it's becoming the greatest new craze, because it's easier to get a game together, and it's easier to win money from people.

    The big change is online poker. You can actually make some decent money, if you are smart and you apply yourself sufficiently. If I didn't already make very good money doing my job (which I love) I'd give some thought to playing full-time (which I'd love much less). When you play full time, poker actually becomes dreadfully boring and tedious.
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