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    Naim Launches SuperUniti

    Looks like my dream system: Naim's new SuperUniti... Essentially a SuperNait (integrated amp/dac) + Uniti Streaming system (no CDP)...

    Naim's new SuperUniti network music system: it's like a UnitiQute, but louder! |

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    (Focal & Naim's to merge operations) well lets see if that's going to peel off a few "British pounds and CA Dollars" to make them more affordable!! the guy's in the link seems happy about it anyway....

    Focal & Naim to Merge Operations |
    Chet Baker-Trumpet
    Pepper Adams-Baritone Sax
    Herbie Mann-Flute
    Bill Evans-Piano
    Paul Chambers-Bass & Connie Kay-Drums
    (....ALONE TOGETHER....) DEC. 30 1958
    produced by...Orrin Keepnews...

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    Ajani -

    the great thing about these devices is that they will be out of date very quickly as a new machine will come out and offer more bits in a year or two and these machines, like receivers, will be worth 1/10 what they're selling for now.

    Also have you looked into Ayre - you don't get the amp included but you do save money and you can buy your own amp or use the one you already have. The Ayre QB-9 is 192khz 24 bits and is around $3k Canadian. My dealer he likes it best so far for ones sanely priced Ayre Acoustics QB-9

    I enjoyed auditioning it as well - it sounded better than the Sim Audio I heard (which also was good mind you and considerably less money).

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