Time smearing and a messing about of midrange harmonics have been attributed to early sound waveform reflections by traditional box speaker baffles. Now comes a more substantial high quality felt surround that is professionally tooled and rectangular, previous attempts have been narrow and circular in shape, and custom fitted to the width of your speaker cabinets to better damp the culpable area adjacent to your tweeters. The cutout is 2.5” inches in diameter to allow your tweeter to breathe and do its thing. For traditional box speaker owners or those planning to purchase, correction of this interaction will reveal more about what’s happening in your recordings and music to be appreciated in your listening experience.

First, do no harm. A before and after 1/3 octave chart showing on axis and 40 degree off axis frequency response curves using a typical size monitor speaker with a surface mounted dome is included with every purchase along with a money back guarantee.

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