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    yamaha rxv650 vs onkyo sr602

    i'm interested in purchasing one of the above av receiver...price for both units are pretty much the same......comment please.....

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    I have the Yamaha 5760- pretty much the same as the 650. I like it a lot! The YPAO feature is great since I'm not too handy with setting up the speakers manually- saves tons of time, too! I see that the Onkyo has an Auto Speaker Set-up as well; however, I'm not as familiar with Onkyo's other options. On this site, you'll hear people stand behind Yamaha because of the quality build and reputation of their receivers. This is the first "real" HT receiver I've owned and I'm very pleased! I'm actually thinking about getting another one for my family room set-up.

    It might come down to preference of brand as well as cost. If you they are truly comparable, go for the cheaper one, so you can save some cash. Also, look at the ease of use on the remotes and some of the smaller stuff since you probably want to keep it for quite a while.

    I bet you can't go wrong with either one- you can always demo each one in your home and give it a week trial or so.

    Good luck!

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