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    Yamaha RX-V2600 Receiver - Audio Issues

    Hey everyone! So I'm new to these forums and I've been having issues with my RX-V2600 Yamaha Receiver. I'm hoping you guys could provide some insight as I've spent countless hours trying to find a solution to my problem. I've also contacted Yamaha support directly and they are absolutely useless.

    So here is my issue...

    After hours of googling and trying different settings and things, I came to this forum for some help. Long story short, I got a new Panasonic 50ST30 plasma for Christmas. It will be mainly used to watch blu-rays and have a hd-tv. Before this TV we had a regular 46 inch standard definition Sony TV. The issue I'm having is they have an old home theatre system and I can't get audio working properly on the Yamaha RX-v2600 receiver. I'm at a loss for what to do. If I set all the devices up to the TV and use the TV's digital out and connect it to the receivers digital in, I get no audio. If I set up my Sony PS3 or HD cable box to the TV and run digital out to the receiver and use the receivers digital in, they have no audio. I've changed the audio settings for the digital box for digital audio out instead of HDMI, along with the ps3 with no luck. What really stumps me is if I plug my western digital HD box into the TV and use the digital audio out to the receiver it works properly. I'm at a loss of what to do.

    I find it really odd that only 1 of the 4 devices digital out worked with the receiver. Is there something I'm missing? The receiver only has 2 HDMI in ports and doesn't support 1080p or pass-through which is why I can't run the ps3 directly to the receiver. I've read both the receiver and TV manuals and both were next to useless and I've tried everything with the ps3, changing the audio to digital out and the audio to both linear PCM or bitstream, both made no difference. Another thing that really bothered me with the digital cable box was at one point it was working with the receiver but the audio kept cutting out and stuttering constantly. After unplugging it and plugging it back in it never happened again. I've verified its not the fiber optical cables I'm using because both I've tried work fine with my western digital box. Is my receiver to blame?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I have the Yamaha RX-V1800 and you have to assign what connection ( on the back of the receiver) goes to each input. For instance, if I select DVR, I can select what input it uses from HDMI or Component, or Coaxial or Optical.

    On my unit I select the menu and then - Manual setup - Input menu - DVR - and then I/O Assignment. At that point whatever I choose from the list above will be where the signal will come from whenever I press DVR on my remote.

    There should be some information in your manual on page 85 about this, but it doesn't seem very clear.

    I'm not sure that this answers your problem, but it's a start.

    Also, page 121 of your manual has some trouble shooting ideas.

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    Hey, thanks for the reply, I'll try that out as soon as I get home. I was always under the impression that the input would automatically be detected by the receiver and therefore I would not have to manually assign the connection for each input. I'm pretty sure that I have assigned all the connections into the proper inputs (having my digital receiver going into HDMI and my other components going into their respective inputs.

    But thanks again for the reply!

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    Puzzling, but here's a few thoughts.

    Most TV's I encountered won't "pass-through" digital audio from theiit nputs to their digital output. Odds are this his could be one of them. the cable box, my spidey sense tells e, is outputting two-channel PCM, not 5.1.

    Don't count on using the TV as a video/audio switch. Try to shoot for video only.

    I'd concentrate on getting the video to the Tv abd feeding the audio directly to the receiver. This might involve kerfutzing with the settings on the individual sources but it might be the oly way you can get what anywhere near you want.

    Once you accomplish this, you will use your TV for video switching and your receiver for audio switching.

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