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    Yamaha HTR-6240BL

    What is the opinion of those on this board about the Yamaha HTR-6240BL?


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    Purchase one from a local store with a solid return policy. If it doesn't meet your needs just return it. That is the big advantage of buying local and buying a mass market AVR.

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    Looks like the receiver is loaded with everything.

    It has a lot of power so you will have to like it.

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    I was considering purchasing one last Christmas. Not a bad entry level receiver for the price. It does everything that you need it to, including Blu Ray HD codecs, 4 HDMI connections, and iirc, preamp outs -- should you decide to add a more powerful/detailed amp down the road.

    Minor things threw me off the scent, though, like the surround speaker spring clips. It just annoyed me that Yamaha wouldn't use binding all the way around. Lord knows they have plenty of room on the back panel for it. The only other annoyance was aesthetic...I've always liked the amber display of Yamaha products. The 6240 is blue. Again, a very minor thing that goes more to preference than performance.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    they are not the classic audio company they once were, but that sounds like a decent
    entry level receiver.
    My last one had trouble with the digital board, and crosstalk , while not bad, was there,
    something I CAN'T TOLERATE.
    But you should get some decent use outta it if youi like the sound.

    Some think YAMMYS ARE A TAD "HARSH", I prefer the word "detailed".
    If you havent bought speakers yet get some with soft dome tweeters(or aluminum)
    Will go with a Yammy nicely.
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    I do agree with pixelthis that Yamaha does not make the product they once did in the 90's and early 2000's or even earlier in the 80's and 70's. The newest models seem to be built a lot cheaper using cheaper flimsier components and less audio quality especially in two channel mode where quite a few of us including myself listen to our music. I have a Yamaha receiver running as a preamp in two channel mode and powering my center and rear speakers and it is a good unit but I have looked at the newest yamaha stuff and they don't seem to have the same quality so I would take a good look at Onkyo, Marrantz, Denon and others that are out there to make sure you don't find something else you would like better. I know I used to love Yamaha stuff when I sold it in the 90's when they were on top of their game and being rated better than most or all of their competition but today this does not seem to be the case. Its just my opinion and its an opinion I don't really like because I used to really like Yamaha stuff and it just saddens me to see them go down hill like they have.

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    Would you think that the Onkyo TX-SR307 or the TX-SR507 would be better than this Yamaha?

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