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    Yamaha HTR-5930SL ?

    I'm looking for anyone who has had experience with the Yamaha HTR-5930SL. I've always heard good things about Yamaha, and this model is within my meek budget range.

    My current receiver (Pioneer VSX-D409) is not working up to speed anymore (sub-out issue), and I want to make sure I dont go through something that has dogged me since day 1 with my Pioneer. I want to know how the HTR-5930 sounds in stereo only mode (thats my primary use), and if I do have it on DVD-CD or any standard DVD movie, will the rear speakers work?

    One of my pet peeves with this Pioneer receiver, is that the rears only turn on when the movie I am watching has been recorded with the 'directors cut' calling on them (honest..thats the official explanation I got from Pioneer tech support 5 years ago).

    I only have a $200.00 budget, so I am not expecting miracles.. thanks

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    I'm wondering about this myself and never had any sort of surround sound. I'm looking for a good entry level 5.1 receiver; nothing mind blowing. I've been watching ebay & reading reviews here as well. I listen mostly to music & watch a movie or two on the weekends. I've been looking at used Denon, Yamaha, & Marantz. The 5930 sits under $200 new, so it drew some interest. Currently running components through Adcom 555II preamp, 545II amp & Bose 10.2 Series II. (Bose bashers - I agree w/ you on almost all the stuff except these and the 601 Series III) I'm on budget, so trying to stay at $300 or less on the reciever.

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    I don't know if I can offer any help....$200 for a new receiver is a bit of a stretch, although you may find something refurbished around this price point. I would not hesitate going with Pioneer again though...they have really come along way in the past few years and I stand by them. I have owned several over time and their newer models are awesome! Unfortunately I don't know if they fall into your price point. I would suggest the VSX-816-S from Pioneer, which you could probably get used for about $225. It's a great machine that would suit your needs and also be capable of having what you need in the future if you plan to upgrade.

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    You can buy a pretty nice receiver for $200 if you're willing to buy used. If you're committed to buying brand new, I would suggest looking at Onkyo or Pioneer. Nothing wrong with Yamaha in particular, I'm just of the opinion that the 5930SL isn't the best receiver for the money, regardless of its build quality.

    Onkyo and Pioneer sell for cheap at a lot of online retailers (authorized ones to boot), and you can usually find good deals on refurbed Onkyos.

    The Pioneer VSX-516 is on at for $200 right now...not a bad deal...good unit at that price.

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