• 03-10-2007, 05:02 PM
    Yamaha HTR 5930 night mode
    I just got this receiver and it has night mode on it my old receiver had midnight mode I've never used this feature. How does it work is it to be used at a cetain volume level?
  • 03-13-2007, 01:09 PM
    My understanding of "Night Mode" is that it is only valid on Dolby Digital and it reduces the difference between peak noises and the rest of the sound track.

    This allows you to turn the volume up to hear speech tracks without fear that an explosion or other such louder noise will be that much louder.

    I'm not sure what, if any, the difference between "Night Mode" and "Midnight Mode" is.
  • 04-08-2007, 05:33 PM
    Night Mode is a reasonably good audio compression that reduces volume for loud parts and increases it for the quiet. so called night mode since its intended to be used in movies or audio using a wide dynamic range at night so that you dont wake up the kidds with loud sound. handy when watching TV on stations that tend to blast the volume on commercials.

    I find that the digital compression system that yamaha uses is very good My Older NAD had a CDR mode with a similar purpose that had some problems when there was a rapid change in level and seemed to increase the background noise in silent parts these are typical problems in Analog Compressor/expanders. the Yamaha seems more imune to these problems

    My only complaint with the Yamaha is that the Night Mode turns off when you change inputs or when the unit is Powered off then back on. so that you had to reenable night mode all the time.

    BTW not sure about the 5030 but on my 5960 Night mode works in Dolby digital as well as other modes including FM radio and analog CD I doubt that the 5930 would be any different in this regard