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Thread: Yamaha HTR 5730

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    Wink Yamaha HTR 5730

    Which would you guys buy for mostly ht use? The STRDE597 Sony 6.1 Channel or the Yamaha HTR 5730 5.1 Channel receiver. Both are around $200. Basically from everyone I've talked to is that Yamaha has a great reputation with being great ht receivers.

    I haven't heard anything good about the sony. My parents have had a 5.1 Yamaha for a while and love it and I've had a sony prologic receiver that worked pretty well.

    I already bought the yamaha. The great thing about it is that I can upgrade it to 6.1 later if I feel like it later. However the sony already has 6.1 however I don't have an extra speaker for it.

    Just wanting some opinions, it's hard to find reviews on some of the entry level receivers.

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    I don't think you'll be dissapointed in the Yammi. I have a RXV750 & wouldn't have anything else.

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    Well, for a very good inexpensive receiver, I don't think you can put the Sony on the same page as the Yamaha...even if all the features are the same, I cannot imagine the Sony being of the same quality as the Yamaha...not in that price range.
    But I'm sure there are many people that bought that Sony receiver and are quite happy. It looks like a competent component for the price.

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