Yamaha HTR-5640 Question

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  • 12-29-2003, 10:02 PM
    Yamaha HTR-5640 Question
    Hi, I just set up my system this evening. My problem seems to be that I'm not getting digital sound output from the receiver. I have a 6.1 speaker set-up hooked up with a dvd player. The digital audio is being sent via optical. The speakers are all working as I can test them fine, but whenever I put in a movie, the receiver doesn't show the 6 speakers (or 5 if the signal is 5.1) on the display. No matter what I select I only get the L and R speakers on the display. The sound from the movie is coming out all the speakers, but I think it might be simulated, which I don't want. I've read the manual and all that, but it hasn't helped me. Does anyone have any experience with Yamaha receivers to know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  • 12-29-2003, 10:15 PM
    Did you set the DVD player to bitstream in the set-up menu? If you're not sending 5.1 to the receiver it won't detect it.

    Is the input mode set to auto in the receiver set-up menu?

    Hope this helps.
  • 12-29-2003, 10:36 PM
    Genius, man. Pure genius. Was the dvd player. I can get a good night's sleep now! Thanks a lot!