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    Talking Are Yamaha DVD player's any good?

    My HT setup is 98% Yamaha gear and i have been looking at the Yamaha 5750 DVD player at BB for $149.99,are these good DVD player's?It looks to be a pretty plain DVD player for the $149.99 there asking but might consider it if the Yamaha players are worth it.Right now i own a 2001 Sony DVP-NS500V that also plays SACD (I don't use the SACD capability so that's a feature i really don't need) that still works perfect but might want to go with the Yammy to go with the rest of my gear.Is the Yamaha better than the Sony i already have to justify the $149.99 for the Yammy or should i just keep the Sony?Thanks for any advice.Keith.

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    They make decent DVD players, right up there with similarly priced Denon and Marantz IMO, they're chipsets are generally well regarded and not outsourced like some. Though, at that price-point I wouldn't expect it to be an improvement over what you have already.

    I wouldn't drop money just to get the gear to "match", there must be something better you can spend $150 on, or, put it away and start saving for something that will give you more improvement.

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    Like Kex explained, no need to upgrade just to upgrade. Your not going to hear a difference in sound between the Sony and the Yammie. Unless there is something functionally wrong with your Sony or the Yammie has a feature(s) you want that the Sony does not have, I would stick with the Sony. Of course if looks supercede everything else, then go for it.


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    Upgrade just to upgrade. I'm so guilty of that. I got 2 DVD players sitting right now just collecting dust. I dont even use my CD player anymore thanks to my 2910. I gotta start gettin on ebay.

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