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    Xbox 360hd Dvd Player

    I bought the xbox 360 hd dvd drive and took it back because when you played hd dvds the 5.1 sound was so low and compressed you had to turn it way up and it still didn't sound right. But it played regular dvds just fine. I saw on the xbox message board alot of people where saying the same thing. Theirs suppose to be a fix for it sometime, but I took mine back may get when the issue gets fixed. Has anyone else have one and having this issue? I heard also the regular hd dvd players you have to hook it up to your pc to get the updated firm ware is this true?

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    It appears that a fix is in the works. Would most likely be sent out on an update over Live. Here is a link. Little technical for me, but maybe you understand it better than I.

    This is a very well written article on the 2 players:

    Hope that helps you.

    BTW are you using the Optical Out? That might help if your not.

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    2,671 problems with any of the 3 Xbox 360 HD-DVD drives I've used. One for me and two of my friends each have one. It's PHENOMENAL to say the least, definitely a steal at $199.

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    I own the 360 + HD add-on combo and have experienced first hand the odd overcompressed audio issues that are present. As stated above, MS is aware and working on a fix. As for overall output level, I have to raise volume on my receiver 13-15db to equal output of other optical input from upconverting DVD player. With a fix in the works I opted not to return mine because of the great value it offers.

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