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    Wireless Sub Hookup?

    I'm relocating my 12" Velodyne Sub and find that I'm not sure how to run my hookup cable. I have 11' ceilings, hardwoodflooring, etc. How do I run this so that it's not in the way and an eye sore??

    Does anyone know of a "wireless" system for this kind of issue.

    I'm a guitar player and the music industry has tons of wireless mics, guitar rig systems, etc.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    wireless sub ?

    as far as i know there is no way to hook up a wreless sub. there are to many distractions in the average home_microwave ovens cell phones ect. here is a thought though as i have used it. my home theater room is approx. 40 by 17. do you have baseboard molding? i have taken off the molding and put the wire behind it. most of the tome the drywall doesn,
    t go all the way to the floor so you can sneak the cable under there. when you are behind the subwoofer find a hollow area of drywall and make a cut just above the floor 2 by 4 with a utlity knife. after you have a hole,but dont go higher then the molding,go about 8 inches up and make a single duplex cut(the size of one electrical outlet) and take a coat hanger,cut it and put it throughtne outlet hole and feed it to the hole that is behind your baseboard. now run your cable along the wall and put the molding back up untill you reach the last molding. tape the cable to the coat hanger and gently pull it through from the lower hole to the larger hole. now put in the last molding. go to any store like bsst buy radio shack ect. and get a single gang electrical box and a cover plate with rca male connectors on it. install gang box and rca male cover and hook up subwoofer. i know this is long winded but it is really easy to do. this is my first time on the forum so please excuse any possible errors. i am sure other people will come to your aid or have better ideas. i have used this method (with a wire puller) to put up my center rear speaker with great looking results and it is about 8 feet up(i have a cathederal ceiling). i hope this helps.
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    p.s. any more comments ect. please respond.

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    O'Heocha has a wireless system, but they're set up for all the speakers in a system. I'm sure there are cheaper systems that would be more specialized towards the sub.
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