I am preparing to move from the US to Australia in a few months (my fiance is Australian) and I am trying to figure out if my video equipment in my Home Theater will work there. I know that Australia uses different voltage and I am prepared to do the necessary power conversion, however I don't want to take my projector and TV if they aren't going to work. Obviously the tuner on the TV won't work because they broadcast in PAL and my TV has an NTSC tuner. But I never use that tuner anyway as the TV basically just operates as a monitor which gets an S-Video or Component feed from my DVD player or DirecTV receiver.

So I'm wondering... will my TV work with an Australian "cable box" or VCR which is just sending an S-Video feed to my TV, or is the actual signal going through the S-Video input incompatible with North American equipment? In other words, can I attach an Australian VCR which has a PAL tuner in it and send the output to my TV via S-Video?

Any help would be appreciated as I've searched the Internet and can't find anything which addresses this question.