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Thread: VHS tapes...

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    VHS tapes...

    ...and the machines what record them are becoming rarer and it's DVD recorder time, whose main purpose will be overnight time-shifting/recording one program while watching another i.e. the usual sort of thing...

    This past weekend, bought a Panasonic EZ37VK VHS/DVD machine and various erasable blank media for test's quite versatile and uses everything from DVD-RAM to single-use discs in just about all recording formats...I'm trying to make a seamless transition from tape to disc for my wife, trying to keep it user friendly...she's a whizz with the far the machine seems fairly intuitive to use.

    Any experience with, or opinions on, RAM vs. -RW vs. +RW far just been futzing w/ the RAM and the chase options are pretty nifty...The +RW discs need to be formatted and I just haven't gotten 'round to the task, wanting to verify the machines' basic operational functions...

    Playback of commercial discs seems to be excellent and I'm trying to arrive at decent balance of recording time vs. picture quality, which at this point, having used both the 8hr and 6hr options, isn't as good as LP tape quality...tonight I'll try 4hr...

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    What kind of power cord were you using on the VHS player?

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