• 04-21-2004, 08:15 AM
    Value of variable sub-out freq
    Setting up a new HT in the basement family room. Primary system for music is upstairs. FR system for predominantly HT, minimal music.

    Like Yamaha receivers, and deciding on model at present. Needs and budget are modest ($300 or so) and looking at the closeout HTR 56xx vs. the new HTR 57xx.

    Wondering about the potential difference I might find with the change from a fixed LFE of 90Hz on the 56xx vs variable on the 57xx.

    Speakers are also modest AR setup with an 8" SW. center and sats have 4" drivers.

    All comments or additional consideration appreciated.

  • 04-21-2004, 09:03 AM
    To know for certain, we almost need the frequency response of your sub and speakers. Better bass management is a definite plus, but my RX-V795a is cut off at 90Hz too though, and you can easily live with the very slight nuissance it causes. If your speakers deliver frequencies well below 90 Hz, you might find a more seamless transition with a lower setting though, maybe 60-80Hz. This would improve the blend with the speakers and make a modest, audible improvement in sound.

    Weigh the features you can get in the 56XX with the features you get in the 57XX for your money and determine whats best for you. Do you really need 6 or 7 channels, 6 digital inputs, 85 instead of 75 watts per channel, etc...leftover models are often great values.
  • 04-21-2004, 09:38 AM
    biggest difference is LFE out

    yeah, trying to do that...would like to get 6.1, WPC I dont' care about so much. Key question for me was whether I might expect much difference from the LFE control.

    The sats are listed down to 80Hz. Sub has a variable bypass from 50-150Hz. Currently sub volume is turned down to avoid overwhelming the sats.

    Do you send LFE to sub only, or to both sub and mains? Speaker dependent of course.

    I'm trying LFE to both with the sub bypass set higher than 90Hz. As stated above, I have the sub volume down.

    Don't have the luxury of trying the variable LFE out to see if this is ~$100 better.

  • 04-21-2004, 09:48 AM
    If they are smaller speakers (ie: you use the term satellites) then you should set the LFE to Sub only and set the speakers to "small"...in fact I own large Paradigm Reference Studio's that I set to "small" and direct all LFE below 90 Hz to my sub.
    In this setting, with satellite speakers I doubt a lower cut off will make a huge impact...maybe if it was set at 80Hz, but you usuallly want some frequency overlap, because even if your speakers are rated at 80Hz, they probably start to struggle around then.
    My gut feeling without listening to your sub/speakers is that the variable LFE isn't really a beneficial feature for you. But it would be if you got speakers with more dynamic range (ie: speakers that output lower frequencies than 80 Hz). Do you anticipate upgrading speakers/sub anytime in the next few years? How long do you own your receivers for?
  • 04-21-2004, 11:25 AM

    Why do you set yours to "small" if you have full range mains? I have Paradigm Monitor 9s set to "Large" on mine with the receiver cutting off at 80hz and LFE going to sub & mains. Would I benefit in making them "small" and LFE to sub only like yours are?
  • 04-21-2004, 12:08 PM
    I wonder too...

    My music speakers are Klipsch RF-3s, and when I have run HT using these as the mains, I prefer the sound when LFE goes to BOTH sub and mains...which requires that mains be set to large.

    Would potentially upgrade speakers, but mains in the HT setting would remain bookshelf for esthetic and other reasons.

    Sounds like, regardless, the variable LFE might not offer that much gain for me....even if the mains are upgraded / upsized to gain the lower frequencies, I might compensate for this by routing LFE to both mains and SW and using the cutoff on the SW to adjust down.

    Any naysayers to that thought?

    Thanks again..

  • 04-21-2004, 12:28 PM
    AZHT" Since I bought them, I left the Studio 40's and 20's set at "large" and the cut off at around 60-80 Hz.. Just a few weeks ago, thanks to some keen advice from Woochifer and others, I actually changed the settings to small. I was getting a few "bass humps" for lack of better terminology. Basically some frequencies were being output by both speakers and subwoofer, causing an unequal LFE response. I don't know if these are the right words but it was boomy and inconsistent across the lower frequencies. The bass is much more refined, and accurate setting the full range speakers to small, the power drain on my receiver is less, and the speakers now handle the midrange and high frequencies a bit better, too with the LFE burden removed.
    I was so use to the "both" setting for LFE that it took me a few hours of "unbiased" listening before I decided it was better. Now the bass response isn't noticeably uneven. If you search the threads you'll find it better explained as to why setting larger speakers to "small" can be advantageous. I think the thread title was "large vs. small" or something to that effect.
    I still have my Yamaha RX-V795a determining the cutoff at 90Hz. Once my RX-V1400 finally arrives (any day now) I am quite confident the bass will be even further refined and blended better with the mains when I lower the cutoff frequency to 80,70 or 60HZ or something.