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    Update on Bose vs. Onkyo

    Well here is an update, it seems like Bose is not longer an option and a HTIB is a long shot. I went to a store about 45 mins away and they blew me away. I was showed a NAD receiver for $700, and then PSB speakers for everything else. It blew me away. The whole packed was under $2000, but the only thing that got me was the reciever. It costs $700 and didn't seem to have as many features as an Onkyo or Denon. Now this could be my false knowledge of NAD, but is it really that good that I wouldn't need extra features such as 6.1 or DTSNEO:6? Here is a statement they wrote up for me:

    1) PSB Alpha B Front Speakers $250
    2) PSB Alpha C Center Speaker $230
    3) PSB Alpha Intro CR Surrounds $200
    4) PSB Subsonic 5C Powered Sub $700
    5) NAD T743 Surround Reciever $700

    The salesmen really sold us on how good of a speaker company PSB was, so that's what will probably sell me on this set. I just want to see what you guys have to say about NAD and PSB and if I should get a different reciever or combinations. Thanks.

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    NAD makes quallity receivers. They got their start making seperate amps so that's where their focus still lies. They don't have as many bells & whistles as the Yammies, Denons & Onkyo's. But they sound a little stronger. The choice is yours.

    I have never heard the PSB's so I can't say how they sound. But they look good for what that's worth.
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    NAD is top notch. Like GMIke said, they don't have the bells and whistles, but I would say that the amp and preamp components are more high end. You will definatly be happy if you end up with a NAD reciever, I used to have one for a 2 channel setup. Honestly though, the extra "bells and whistles", the easier setup, the Yamaha YPAO might actually be more useful for someone starting off in the hobby, and might make something like a Yamaha or Denon in the same price range a better buy. Like I said though, you can't go wrong with NAD equipment. (man it's tough to get through that without any inuendo.)

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    I'll agree with the other responders in saying NAD is a solid value brand. The PSB Alphas are also a very good value for the money in your price range. Sounds like you have found a good prospective dealer.

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    NAD and OSB are both great brands and provide more quality sound than looks imply.

    If I didn't make myslf clear, I strongly approve. And, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Thatare both imported by the same company.

    You might, howerer, get more bang for the buck by looking at a sub from SVS or Hsu, both of which make only subs..

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    I can't help but feel the cost of the subwoofer and receiver are just too high compared to the speakers in this setup. I think Mark is right when he suggests SVS or HSU as a subwoofer option. At $700, throw in Dayton's 15" Titanic or the Adire Rava...those will destroy the PSB sub. I think maybe that could be overkill here though.
    What about keeping the sub and receiver budgets at $500, and upgrading the speakers. PSB is a great brand, they've been making speakers for a long time now. Perhaps something up in their line?

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    I agree with Kex regarding the budget on the receiver and sub. I'm sure NAD's $700 receiver is great, but weigh your options- for you, is it going to be that much better than a $500 Yamaha, or a $500 NAD (not sure if they make them- I'm not familiar with NADs at all). I know some are thinking that of course the $700 NAD is better- maybe for you. For me, I think I'll be happy with the $500 Yamaha because I'm very happy with the sound/power it gives me. Additionally, I really like the YPAO on my Yamahas- it makes life a lot easier because the receiver sets itself up- if you're handy with a SPL meter and you know what you're doing (or want to learn), maybe don't worry as much about the YPAO.

    $700 may be a bit high for a subwoofer- I'm sure it sounds good, but again, how much better is it compared to a $500 sub by Hsu or SVS?

    If you're not careful, this whole process can get frustrating so be aware of that- just tons and tons of options. Enjoy!

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    NAD is not a mass market brand and therefore does not have all the bells and whistles on its receivers that mass market brands do. That is no way should suggest that NAD is somehow an inferior audio product. However, if you ultimately deem that some bells and some whistles are integral to your listening experience, then you should consider buying a Yamaha, Denon, or similar receiver. As for the subwoofer, I agree with others, that at $700, you should consider brands beyond what that particular store carries.

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    I had a NAD integrated amp until it got broken by the Northridge Earthquake. They're similar in quality to Denon or Harman Kardon but without the huge ad budget. NAD is quite good.

    For that type of money you might also want to consider the entry-level Outlaw amp ( The 1070 receiver is a 7-channel receiver with EXCELLENT performance BUT it is $899 which is probably a bit high for your budget.

    Also, check out the closeouts at They have some good stuff and they are very highly rated on

    Good luck.

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