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    Quote Originally Posted by MCF
    Is it on the logitech website or after you login in for your account. Can someone please send me a link to the FAQ section...thanks!
    You need to log into your account and click on that "Tips" box on the right hand side. I think there's a little arrow or something like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by MCF
    I have an IPOD docking station so I assume I could program the 880 to control it as well (and make Listen to IPOD an activity)...even if I have to use learn since I have the docking station remote...correct?
    As long as the Harmony can control the ipod dock, you should be able to create an activity list for it. You may have to create a generic activity list though.

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    Personally I am completely sold on the Logitech Harmony 550 -- which I think is discontinued now, but you can still find them N-I-B for around a hundred dollars. They're better-looking than the 880 or the 690 either one, in my opinion, and I prefer the way the functions are spread-out, too.

    I only skimmed what's been said up to this point in the thread, so forgive me if I'm repeating things that have been said three times already, but the beauty of the Logitech remotes is that you don't have to worry about "learning." You install the software on your PC, connect to the internet, hook the 550 to the PC via a USB cable, scroll through a series of very easy-to-follow menus describing all your gear and how you use it, and then the necessary codes, including the proper sequences for various activities, are all installed on the remote. Friggin' sweet.

    Check EBay for a 550 from a reputable seller -- you'll save some dough and I actually prefer it.

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