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    twist to DVD releases in different countries

    one of my faves is The 13th Warrior. The movie was shot twice, once by McTierman and then redone by Micheal Crieghton. Music score was also recorded twice with Jerry Goldsmiths' version going to the theater.

    So i started thinking about a DVD I ordered through (German) site. The DVD was not released in the US. I recieved it a week later without problem.

    I started searching this morning for other versions of the 13th Warrior and wow did i find a few. Goto and in the top center is a link for 'International'. Click it and then start searching. You can find a free translator site to convert it all for you.

    The US version is lame, with just 5.1 and a trailor.

    The German version has DTS and alot of extras including both directors take on their movie version. Problem is, the DTS is only in German...not sure about extras.

    The French have a Pretige Edition, different cover and their own bonus stuff. No DTS.

    The Japanese have their own cover art, but cannot find a translator site for it.

    Moral of the story, if you have a favorite DVD, you should do some searching for an enhanced version. Some are region free, while others require a region free DVD player.

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    Appreciate you efforts.

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