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    Troubleshooting Issue

    In another post, I described a problem I was having with my NAD T743 Receiver. The problem was that I was only getting intermittent sound using the CD/DVD. After a little troubleshooting, I have discovered that the problem may be the coax going from the CD/DVD player to the receiver. I am trying to determine whether it's the coax itself or the receiver terminal (female) end on the receiver or the CD/DVD. I have eliminated the receiver itself as the problem b/c it produces sound using a standard RCA, although, as expected, not in the more sophisticated sound modes offered by the receiver (dolby sound modes, etc.). How do I go about testing whether it's the coax or the terminal ends of the receiver or CD/DVD component? Finally, I thought that my initial wiring had a coax running from the yellow video OUT on the CD/DVD to the coaxial digital IN on the receiver. However, now I see that I probably had it running from the coaxial digital audio OUT on the CD/DVD to the receiver. This is the probably the way I had it, correct?

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    I went out and got a new TOS link and a new coax a neither cured the problem. Even if it was a jack problem for the coax on either the receiver or the CD/DVD, the TOS link would have cured the issue. Now I am really stuck. Suggestions?

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    I would send it in for repair. Sounds like an internal issue.

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