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    trivial question - maybe outdated regarding amplifier

    Hi, I have an old Onkyo dolby pro-logic amp. I recently re-set up my new home with a 5-speakers setup (2 front, 1 center, and 2 rear). Is it major improvement in terms of home theatre experience if I upgrade my amp to a dolby 5.1? Since most movies are in the 5.1 format, I am starting to wonder if my pro-logic amp can fully interpret the signals fully or is it missing a lot of good signals?


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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    Yeah, DD/DTS is a significant improvement over DPL.

    With the cost of modern DD/DTS receivers, to deny yourself this pleasure is foolish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markw
    With the cost of modern DD/DTS receivers, to deny yourself this pleasure is foolish.
    I'll second that, in fact I'd say for movies it'll make a bigger sound improvement than the jump from 1 to 2 speakers. There's no real comparison between pro-logic and Dolby Digital/DTS. Far better sound quality. This is probably one of the absolute largest upgrades you could ever make in home theater.
    Get a subwoofer too and you're set.

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    I'll join the other responders in saying an upgrade is *definitely* worth it. The difference in sound is extremely noticeable on most (if not all) material.

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