toshiba vs hitachi hd tv

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  • 10-25-2004, 10:20 PM
    s dog
    toshiba vs hitachi hd tv
    There are to local hifi dealers in my area ,one has a 57'' hitachi s series 500 or 700 not sure on that ,they want $2,550.00 which covers taxes, delivery,setup,2 year warranty.The other has a toshiba 57'' h84 model for $2,120.00 which covers taxes,delivery,setup,2 year warranty.I wandered if the hitachi is worth 430 more bucks than the toshiba, the picture looks about the same to me,both will need a HD tuner down the road ,im just looking to run dvds for now get tuner later,not sure what to think just looking for some in put from you guys that know more about HD tv,s than i do ,
  • 10-25-2004, 10:29 PM
    As an owner of the more expensive Hitachi, go for the Toshiba. My father has the Toshiba. I don't notice a difference. Both have a good service record. Both have a good picture. Save your money.
  • 10-26-2004, 06:07 PM
    I have the new Hitachi 57S715 and from all indications it's a very good value. I purchased mine from HH Gregg for $1890. I took a class in Video Calibration and this TV has all the adjustments available to the user you'll need to perform a professional calibration.

    I calibratred one of my inputs this evening, setting up the basic five users controls as well as the color decoder and it makes an extreme difference. I viewed the results by watching James Bond "Never Say Die" and it was very crisp, clean, well-balanced and detailed.

    I had looked for last year's 57S700 and 57T600, but both models were unavailable, so I went with the new 715 series. I had purchased a Mitsubishi 55" model, but didn't like their aspects, looked too wierd. I like the aspects of the Hitachi much better, more realistic. Hitachi also has an integrated HDTV/NTSC tuner so it's much easier to setup and operate. The only thing I didn't like was they replaced the DVI and firewire ports with an HDMI interface. I haven't tried it yet, but feel I'm losing options by the limitation of one high-end interface (not meaning to exclude component video). I haven't seen the other model you're talking about, but I see no problems going with the 57S715, it's a good value.
  • 10-29-2004, 09:11 AM
    s dog
    thank you for your help guys