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    TIVO vs. cable box/DVR

    I'm just curious about what exactly TIVO has to offer that the dvr I get from my cable company doesn't have. I never had one before a few weeks ago (I wasn't going to get home from work until after Arrested Development so I decided it was necessary). It seems that it has most of the same features that my friends' TIVOs have, but I was just wondering what TIVO's main selling point would be to someone who can get a dvr from their cable company for an extra $5 a month. I can't really get one anyway since we don't have a land line hooked up in my house, but I was just curious. The one thing that would be nice, and my dvr cannot do, although this hasn't been a problem yet, is if it could know if some sports show ran late, so it would still record the entire show I wanted after the game. Can TIVO do that? Thanks

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    I have a DVR The main difference as far as I know is with Tivo is besides paying $10-$12 or more for their service lifetime is you can put an actors or actresses name and it will record anything with these people. I'm not sure how many hours the TIVO hard drive records up to.

    If you have DVR make sure you're getting an HD one. Also make sure your DVR will actually play 5.1 sound via optic cable & make external DVD or VHS copies. My first DVR from Time Warner the Scientific Atlanta 8000 HD DVR did not record/play 5.1 or let you make external copies. My current model the Scientific Atlanta 8300 does.

    In regards to having a DVR/box with a cable company, there is no sense to but your own DVR as the cable company will charge you the same monthly fee anyway.

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