For anyone who currently is using Time Warner's HD 8000 DVR & possibly (I'm not sure about this) their cable box if you don't get HD, there's a good chance you don't have your TV sound hooked up correctly through your receiver. Specifically, and I reread the instructions on the HD 8000 several times, if you just connected the HD 8000's DVR audio outs by RCA cable to your receiver's TV audio In, while you'll get sound, you won't get a true stereo/proper signal and sound. The only way to do this with RCA's on this system (I think) is to connect an RCA cable from the HD 8000's audio outs to your TV's audio in under the same input
that you get the channel on- in my case that's composite 2 and then attach a seperate RCA cable from you TV monitor's audio out to your receivers TV audio in. If optical cable worked on the HD 8000 like it should but it doesn't because of Time Warner's neglect, this wouldn't be a problem. Also you can connect a digital cable from the HD 8000's audio out direct to your receivers digital audio in.