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    Time to shop for a new DVD player...

    Alright, I just purchased a new Sanyo PLV-70 projector. I will be getting a 106 inch screen to go along with it soon.

    I currently own a Toshiba SD-3800 and wish to upgrade in order to get better picture.

    I want to spend $300 or less. Preferably less. However I am willing to spend a bit more if it would make a substancial difference.

    DVD-A and SACD are definitely a plus but I want something that will deliever the best image quality for the money.

    I am willing to buy used or refurbished to save money.

    Thanks in advance.

    Fronts: B&W 602 S2
    Center: B&W CC6 S2
    Rear: Klipsch SB-2
    Sub: Velodyne CHT-10
    Receiver: Denon AVR-2802
    DVD: Toshiba SD-3800

    Projector: Sanyo PLV-70HT

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    I would suggest the Pioneer Elite 45-a, Progessive scan Picture, DVD-A and SACD ability, Brown Burr dac's. internet price around $300
    Pioneer Elite SC lx502
    Pioneer Elite N50
    Pioneer Cassette CTM66R
    Pioneer Elite BDP 85FD

    Vizio P series 2160p
    Panamax 5300 EX

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