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Thread: THX Demo DVD...

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    THX Demo DVD...

    I got a hold of it... I must say the THX demos aren't that great except for the THX EX demo which use all 6.1 channels.

    The best part of it is the Dolby D demos... especialy the "Canyon"

    This thing is so loud and full of bass it's crazy wayyy too loud! I kept the volume knob at the same level I watch my movies and my right ear is hurting this morning just like if I went to a rock concert.

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    Where did you get the disk at

    Would be interested in seeing it.


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    I've always liked ths DVD. The "Wow" montage is really what I wanted it for. I remember watching that demo on laserdisc at a local dealer and always wondering how to get it when I worked at Circuit City. When I finally had the chance to get one I jumped. Can't beat free either.
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