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    anyone using THX Cinema mode on the Receiver with Non-THX speakers?

    i think normal mode sounds better than THX
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    THX mode doesn't require THX certified speakers (whatever the heck those are). Those certifications are kind of useless anyway. But I agree, I'm not that impressed with the THX cinema modes at all.

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    Agreed, THX is about as useful as tits on a boar hog.

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    I have the VSX1015TX receiver and often listen to my movies and video games through THX. Depending on the movie, I actually like the THX processing better than without. I think that THX is mainly marketing, but I do hear a difference for the better more often than not. For music though, I never use it. I perfer to listen to it in the way it was recorded.

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    Because I know what THX processing does to the audio signal, I never use it for critical viewing. It should never be used with non THX speakers IMO, because all of the processing was specifically designed for THX speakers. The sound quality will be noticeably degraded on non THX speaker system, a occurence that happens every time I engage this processing.
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    I do not use the THX settings. I have found that almost any other setting sounds better for me.
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