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    Question Thoughts on refurbished DVD players

    Hi All,
    Just curious how ppl feel about buying refurshished electronics, esp. DVD players. I ask because I recently got a refurbed Pioneer DV-588 from Pioneer to replace under warranty the one I bought back in January from I've since bought an Oppo 970 (great player) and may sell the DV-588. Just curious if I can expect to get the same for it had it been just a plain used unit and not a refurb or if it really matters. Someone said it may fetch a little more as it's factory fresh. The refurb does look like new & works fine and still has a few months left under the warranty. Thanks for any info.

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    That's a good question. I assume that the warranty is transferable. I've always found electronics refurbished by the original factory w/warranty to be a great way to save money. I can remember only getting burned once that way--back in the 1980s--and the company made good on it quickly even then. I recently bought a refurbished SACD player directly from Sony Style for next to nothing, and I'm glad that I did. My usual strategy for selling used equipment is to start at around half the buyng price, unless the unit is really new and obviously worth more. I also might well try to sell a refurb replacement for at least half the original buying price, if not more, since the factory obviously thought it worth your original, though I would certainly inform prospective buyers about its origins.

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