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    Which surround sound speakers?

    I recently bought a Sony Bravia TV and a Sony HDD DVD player. Then decided I wanted to add some surround sound speakers. All set up to make a purchase at my local Sony store, to be disapointed to find ou that if you purchase a 5.1 system it wont connect to your existing DVD player. You have to buy a lower spec DVD player! The salesman was no help and said he didnot know of any other way. What???? Help...surely theres a way (not too expensive) of being able to enable my luxury TV to sound 100x better!!!
    Simple?? please advise!

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    Could you provide a model # of the Sony DVD player, not sure I completely understand the problem with the DVD palyer.

    Also how much are you looking to spend on a 5.1 system?
    How big is the room you plan on putting the speakers in? Do you have any other gear you plan on using with this setup? A receiver?

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