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    Suggestions/Advice for Speaker/Receiver Requested

    I have followed most of these threads with great interest. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. I am VERY new to HT and A/V as I have never owned any quality A/V equipment before.

    After reading reviews this is what I have narrowed down to.

    Recievers: Not sure what to get. I am reading good reviews about NADs. I have about $800.00 allocated for a receiver. I am also looking at Onkyo TXSR 701. I like the Pioneer VSX-D914K, but I don't think it will drive the 4ohm MMG

    As far as speakers go, this is the combination I like so far:
    Front: Axiom M60ti
    Center: Axiom VP100 (Would like a Magnepan CC)
    surrounds: Magnepan MMG W
    Sub: SVS 20-39 PCi

    Do you think they would mate well with each other? Also which receivers should I be looking at that would drive the above speakers. My room size is about 18'(W) x 17'(L) and 19'(H).

    Feel free to let me know if the above combination of speakers are stupid. :-)

    Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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    Yeah, I don't get your logic behind the speakers. Makes no sense to me. Either stick with Maggie's or Axiom all around (again, polar opposites I would think, sound-wise). For a receiver, I don't think you can do much better than NAD in the sub-$1000 segment. For a little more, I would go with Rotel or Arcam. I think you will do much better with these three than your typical Circuit City brands.

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    HI Nick,

    Thanks for your quick thoughts on my choices. I did think about that. Is there a comparable Magnepans to Axiom M60ti? I see that you are from NJ as well. I intend to go to Verona this saturday to take a look at the Mangepans. Main reason for choosing MMG W for surrounds is that I could place it on the floor (or did I get that wrong). There is no left wall in the room to put up the surround speakers.

    Thanks again.

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