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    Subwoofers Connection

    I have the Yamaha RX V650 receiver and I would like to know how I can connect 2 subwoofers to my receiver. I have the Yamaha YST SW315 and the Jamo E6 sub. At the back of the Yamaha sub there is Input 2 Mono Left and Right terminals and the output to speakers terminal and from amplifier input 1 terminal. The Jamo sub has only the input and output terminals at the back.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

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    Probably the best, and cheapest, option in your situation is to get a "Y" connector and use it to split the signal to both subwoofers. (A short "Y" with one male RCA connector splitting to two female RCA connectors would allow you to use different length wires to connect to the line level input on each subwoofer.) You will, of course, need to balance the two subwoofers using their volume controls, and then you can control the overall level with the receiver's controls.
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