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    sub out question again sort of..

    i have a h/k avr135 hooked to customs in 5.4. am using 2 seperate amps ( carver m-400t) to run my subs and the reciever to run everything else.
    question is ive been through the manual a few times and i dont see where the h/k has an adjustment for any crossover points, as ive been reading most units do.
    when i have my h/k set to small speakers, the sub out reading just says sub. when speakers set to large the sub reading goes to l+r+lfe. or just lfe.
    am i missing something here? of course the sub is adjustable for output in both situations but only for level output of -10 to +10. not crossover values.

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    Normally when speakers are set to small they have a crossover point between 60Hz and 100Hz. I'd guess this particular receiver has a crossover point of 80Hz but you can either check your manual or contact HK to find out the information for certain.

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    I have been looking at HK receivers this week and looked at some of the manuals on their web site. Your HK AVR 135 will have to be set up before you can pick your crossover points. When this is done, your sub will have a choice of 40,60,80,100,120 and 200 hz to choose from. This set-up is called "triple crossover system", it will give you the option of setting up your crossover point for you mains, center and surrounds instead of just large and small. That L+R+lfe means your sub crossover point is not crossing over your mains, they are playing full range.( this is a default setting )

    You will have to go to your manual, which is online at the HK website and follow pages 17, 18 and 19,( SYSTEM CONFIGURATION ) this is the speaker set-up and it will have to be followed, if not you will stay in your default settings.

    **** The crossover setting for the sub is explained on page 18. It looks like the mains, center and surrounds crossover points will determine you subs crossover point. It may be kind of confusing but it's has to be done.

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