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Thread: SUB help???

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    SUB help???

    I am in the process on re-vamping my old Surround Sound System in my Family Room. Room dimensions are as follows 15ftwide x 20ftlong. The tv sits on the far end with right side one wall and left side a half wall. The back end is open to the foyer. Essentially the room size is 15x20 but does not have half a side wall or back wall as it is all open.

    I am contemplating the following subs. Either 1 Klipsch RSW10(front left corner, 2 RSW10s(front left corner and behind the coach) or 1 RSW12(front left corner). I have found these ultra cheep less than $400 and $600 from an authorized dealer. What are your thoughts, is the 1 RSW10 enough or should I step up to the RSW12 or go for two?

    Second question is I am not sure that I will be buying all Klipsch speakers. I want in walls around the plasma L,R a center on top of the cabinet below the plasma and in-ceiling for LS,RS,LRS, and RRS. 7.1 of course. Will I have a hard time matching these if I do not buy all Klipsch? Your help and comments are greatly appreciated.

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    The size of your listining area is fairly large, so I would probably
    go with a 12". Two 10" are OK (they output slightly more
    bass than a 12"). I have two HSU 10" VTF-2's in my main
    home theater (room size 14' x 17' with 8' ht ceilings) and they
    really put out clean, deep base. I have only heard one Klipsch
    sub (model SUB 12 I think) and was pretty impressed.

    As far as your other speakers are concerned, the fronts and
    centers should be matched (same brand). Surrounds can be
    different, but alot of people belive otherwise....good luck,
    happy hunting and all of that.....vardo

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    I forgot to add the ceiling is 9 feet. Anyone else have any opinions or experience with these subs?

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    Two subs can be a trick to integrate under optimal conditions. You do not have optimal conditions (that's not an insult as we all have room issues). I would stick with one 12" sub.

    My greater concern is going with inwalls for your FR and FL. With all the challenges presented by the room getting proper projection not going to be easy--especially in an all-or-nothing inwall gambit. I hope you have some installation professionals to help.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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