I've just changed the speakers in my 6.1 setup and want some advice. In my room there are two recliners about 8 feet in front of the left and right surrounds. On a riser, there is a sofa, and the left and right surrounds are about 3 feet directly above the back of the sofa. A rear surround is about 5 feet behind them at the same height. Now, the left and right surrounds are what the question is concerning. We watch movies with friends about once a month but I listen to music (many in sacd, dvd-a etc... but mostly in 2 channel). The surrounds I'm replacing were dipole/bipole which was great because they directed sound along the walls and it sounded great even sitting directly below them. The new speakers, are direct radiating (I think that's the correct term).
Should I be selfish and toe them in towards my listening area or have them against the wall which definately sounds better if you are on the riser. Toeing in was not recommended for the old speakers. I can't move them any farther behind the second row because of doors etc... The new speakers are definately better for music but they don't sound as good when sitting in the rear as the others. I'm thinking that my friends probably won't care as much as me!